Dry Eye Clinic

We rely on the latest research and highly advanced technology to diagnose and treat dry eye disease.

What is IPL Therapy?

Intense pulsed light therapy (IPL) is an in-office treatment used on dry eyes and styes. The treatment uses specific wavelengths of light to reduce inflammation around the eyes. This allows the oil-producing meibomian glands to produce more lubrication for the eyes, reducing the effects of dry eye.

The therapy targets ocular rosacea and spider veins, which often cause inflammation in the tissues around the eyes. The light energy eliminates the damaged blood vessels and reduces inflammation.

During the procedure, the heat from the light warms and liquefies the oil your body uses to create tear film. IPL therapy can help this oil move more freely and reduce blockages that cause dry eye symptoms.

What is RF Therapy?

Radiofrequency (RF) delivers high-frequency electrical current to the skin to generate heat and stimulate collagen production. This is a safe and effective in-office treatment for your dry eyes.

The meibomian gland is responsible for producing the oil in your tears. The oil is important because it stops your tear film from evaporating too quickly. If the meibomian gland becomes blocked you can experience the symptoms of dry eye. This is known as Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD).

The heat from RF helps to melt the thick oil secretions and unclog the meibomian gland, improving the quality of your tears. RF can also reduce inflammation around your eyes that could be contributing to your dry eye symptoms.

Meet for a Consultation

Treating dry eyes can be difficult, as the same treatment doesn’t work for everyone. At Dry Eye Clinic, we are determined to find the ideal treatment for you. So, we always start our treatments with a consultation. Depending on your symptoms, we may recommend IPL, RF Therapy, TearCare, iLux, BlephEx, or various other at-home treatments.


TearCare® is a 15-minute in-office procedure used to treat meibomian gland disorders. The sterile single-use flexible eyelid devices gently adhere to the contours of the patient's eyelids and apply low heat. SmartLidTM technology works in conjunction with the blinking eye to facilitate natural meibum expression as the meibum melts.

What does TearCare treat?

TearCare System is an FDA-approved treatment for patients with dry eye due to Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD). Meibomian glands line the inside of our upper and lower eyelids and produce the oil layer on our tear film. A blocked or clogged meibomian gland prevents us from secreting this oil. When this crucial lipid layer is missing from our tear film due to a blockage, it results in our tears evaporating faster than normal and causing dry eye symptoms. Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD) can become progressively worse if left untreated.

What does it do?

Treatment with TearCare is completed in the same amount of time as a typical office visit. TearCare begins with a small applicator applied to the outer edges of the upper and lower eyelids. Unlike other dry eye treatments, TearCare allows you to keep your eyes open for the duration of the procedure. Through the applicators, consistent, therapeutic heat will be applied to the area, which, along with blinking, will help unclog the glands. In addition, your doctor will express the meibomian glands to help remove blockages which can stimulate oil production, resulting in a healthier tear film and reduction of dry eye symptoms.


The iLux is a small handheld device that allows our team to comfortably heat your eyelid glands, causing the clogged oil in those glands to melt. We can then use the device to gently express the oil from the glands.

Every time you blink, a protective layer of moisture called tear film coats the front surface of your eye. Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD) happens when glands within your eyelids get blocked or aren't functioning to their fullest and negatively impact the tear film. That can lead to signs and symptoms of Dry Eye.

With Systane iLux, it's possible to address the root cause of your MGD. The goal of MGD treatment is to gently unblock these glands, restoring healthy tear film and helping you quickly feel better and see better. Systane iLux actually lets you see what's been blocking your glands, causing you discomfort.

Gentle Non-invasive Treatment

The Systane iLux MGD Thermal Pulsation device can be used to deliver gentle warming and pressure directly to your eyelids to unblock meibomian glands. Treatment of both eyes only takes approximately 8-12 minutes.

If you regularly use eye drops or have symptoms such as eye dryness and irritation, ask us to evaluate your symptoms.



Healthy Lids for Life!

What is BlephEx® microblepharoexfoliation (MBE) treatment?

BlephEx® is the newest, state-of-the-art treatment for dry eye disease and blepharitis that for the first time allows you to take charge in your treatment. It is a simple 10-minute in-office procedure performed directly by us, your eye care professionals. The procedure effectively removes bacterial biofilm (crusty substances that accumulate over the years) from the surface of the lid margin and glands that aid in the production of your natural tears.

How will it help your dry eye disease and blepharitis?

BlephEx® treatment will reduce or alleviate your chronic and debilitating symptoms. Just like your dentist removes plaque during a routine teeth cleaning visit, BlephEx® MBE treatments need to be repeated at regular intervals depending on the severity of the disease.

By eliminating the inflammatory etiology of dry eye disease and blepharitis, the overall health of the eyelid is improved. You can then begin producing more of your own natural tears and enjoy significant relief from the chronic and irritating symptoms associated with dry eye disease and blepharitis.