Harmony XL Pro

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Offering a full range of technologies, allowing for ablative and non-ablative treatments for a wide number of indications, Harmony XL PRO enables practitioners to address the aesthetic concerns of patients of different skin types and ages.

The Harmony complete skin renewal solution utilizes advanced DYE VL technology that blows past the results from traditional IPL and photo facial treatments. With our innovative in-motion technique, DYE VL- treatments are completely comfortable and FAST! Eliminating red and brown spots from your face, neck, decollete, hands, and more has never been easier! Pop in for a quick 15-minute treatment and see your skin change before your eyes! We recommend a series of treatments for best results.

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Pop in for a quick 15-minute treatment and see your skin change before your eyes!


Dye VL by Alma is used for facial vessels highly suitable for those seeking to correct facial redness or conditions such as rosacea or telangiectasia. This treatment is especially effective in removing spider veins and clearing the face thread (lines or patterns).

What is Dye-VL?

Dye-VL is a module of the Harmony XL Pro system designed to treat pigmented lesions. It is a highly customizable, safe, and effective laser SKIN TREATMENT.

How does the DYE VL treatment work?

Using light energy our DYE VL treatment targets and destroys the hemoglobin that is responsible for causing facial redness, flushing, and red veins and uses the body's natural resources to filter and break it down.

The laser emits light energy that can specifically target areas of redness, whilst minimizing the risk of adverse side effects associated with other lasers of its kind.

When will I see results?

Results can be seen from as little as 1 treatment however we recommend a course of 3, spaced out every 4 weeks to achieve optimal results.