Eye-Friendly Tips for Reading and Studying

October 5, 2021
By: Dr. Dimple Kapoor

Like wearing the right eyeglass frames, proper lighting can help you stay comfortable while reading or studying.

Different types of lighting can have various impacts on your eyes, with some helping you perform visual tasks easier and others causing eye fatigue. Reading in dimly or poorly-lit environments may not permanently harm your vision, but it may lead to headaches and eye strain.

Here are tips to help you avoid discomfort while reading and studying.

Update Your Eyewear If Necessary

Whether you need new frames or not, you should still see your eye doctor regularly. Doing so helps ensure your eyeglass prescription is up-to-date. Wearing outdated glasses can cause headaches, eye fatigue and blurred vision. Even if you think your eyes are fine, you may be unaware that your vision has changed.

Consider Painting Your Walls in a Lighter Color

Painting the walls of the area where you usually read or study in a lighter color can help improve visual comfort. Light-colored walls will reflect light better and complement lighting without causing discomfort to your eyes. As much as possible, avoid choosing dark-colored paint, synthetic enamel products, and shiny finishes.

Make Sure Your Desk or Reading Area Is Bright Enough

If you spend a lot of time in front of your computer, tablet, or other digital devices, be sure that the screen’s brightness is similar to the room you are in. Your workstation or reading area should be brighter than the device you are using. Also, it’s not a good idea to view digital screens in a completely dark room. It will cause your eyes to work harder to adjust between two completely different lighting conditions, resulting in poor concentration and eye discomfort.  

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