Eye Candy Aesthetics

Love the way you look.

Eye Candy Aesthetics strives to have you looking and feeling your best
Throughout our lives, we put our bodies through a lot. Whether it’s from aging or a life full of experiences, our eyes and the skin around them have the potential to change in appearance. 

Eye Candy Aesthetics is your premier center for medical aesthetics and non-surgical treatment options for your eyes and face, by creating a personalized treatment plan to meet your personal aesthetic and wellness needs.

Dry Eye Clinic

We rely on the latest research and highly advanced technology to diagnose and treat dry eye disease.

From intense pulsed light therapy to radiofrequency therapy, we are confident we can find the right solution for your dry eye.

Opus Plasma

An innovative, first-of-its-kind radiofrequency skin resurfacing technology improves the skin’s tone and texture with treatments that take 10 to 15 minutes and require minimal downtime.