Eyelashes and Eyebrows: Not Just for Show

May 15, 2023

Eyelashes and eyebrows serve a greater purpose beyond their aesthetic appeal.

They are not merely tools for facial expressions or flirtatious glances. In fact, their most crucial role is to act as the first line of defense for our eyes, shielding them from contaminants and potential hazards present in the air.

The Protective Shield of Eyelashes

While we may admire the beauty of eyelashes, their primary function is to safeguard our eyes against dirt, debris, and airborne particles. When we close our eyes, they form an impenetrable barrier, effectively blocking these irritants from entering. Moreover, eyelashes possess heightened sensitivity, triggering a swift blinking reflex upon contact, preventing anything from coming too close to the eye. However, this reflex can pose a challenge for individuals who wear contact lenses and can make applying makeup without blinking a daunting task.

Eyelashes are naturally designed to maintain an optimal thickness and length, effectively protecting our eyes from dust while preserving moisture. Introducing false eyelashes can disrupt this delicate balance, increasing the likelihood of dust exposure and dry eyes. Some individuals may even experience allergic reactions or eye infections from false lashes. More alarmingly, eyelash extensions carry the risk of temporary or permanent loss of natural lashes.

The Shielding Role of Eyebrows

Though eyebrows are situated further away from the eyes, their purpose in safeguarding our vision is equally important. Eyebrows help divert liquids, such as sweat or raindrops, away from our eyes, guiding them along the sides of our faces. They function akin to thatched roofs positioned above our eyes. The angle of hair growth and the arched shape of eyebrows aid in fulfilling this protective role.

Just as cosmetic enhancements for eyelashes can hinder their protective function, over-plucking or excessive waxing of eyebrows can also compromise their effectiveness. This is why we appreciate the trend of thicker eyebrows over the last few years and hope it becomes a lasting one.

Optometrists: Your Source for Eyebrow and Eyelash Queries

In most cases, our eyebrows and eyelashes remain healthy without much assistance. However, issues such as ingrown hairs, inflammation, or hair loss can arise. If you experience any problems with your eyebrows or eyelashes, we are here to help. Our optometrists can examine the issue and provide suitable treatment if necessary.

We take great pleasure in serving our valued patients and ensuring the well-being of your eyes!

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